Thank you for considering the Guild Hotel San Diego as a location for you upcoming media shoot! To ensure the best experience during your shoot, and to optimize Hotel guest experience, the following guidelines apply for professional shoots:

  • Upon receiving the requirements of your shoot (including the day/date/time), the Hotel will check availability and provide a list of available spaces where the photographer can shoot/film.

  • Room rental charges may apply (in addition to the location fee) to reserve spaces to shoot in.

  • A Hotel team member will be available to you throughout the shoot and will provide entrance to the pre-determined available areas of the Hotel. As a result, a location fee of $350 per hour (minimum of 1 hour) will apply.

  • Shooting in public areas of the Hotel (including, but not limited to front steps, The Guild Bar, The Guild Café, Courtyard) are not guaranteed, and may be limited.

  • The content of the shoot will need to be approved by the Hotel with a signed Letter of Agreement, and Event Order.

Special considerations may apply for pre-approved promotional partnerships, confirmed reservations or contracted groups, events, or weddings. If these terms are acceptable to you, and if you’d like to move forward, please email your formal request to